H e l l o  &  w e l c o m e,


In 2014 I set up a small online craft business called Annie and Wilf. I sold handmade personalised items and homewares on Etsy. Well, it's now 2023 and my business has changed and developed over those years, I've been through many of life's ups and downs in that time too, but what has remained constant is my love for what I do. Designing and making is just in my bones. 

I'm coming back from my maternity leave on 6th November 2023 and you may have noticed a few changes here.

Firstly, I've gone back to trading under my old shop name; Annie & Wilf!

I've also discontinued a lot of my linen homeware items including my pumpkins, table runners and napkins.

Since having my daughter Phoebe, I've realised just how much joy I get from making my cute personalised items for babies and children. So my focus now will be on developing that range and bringing you lots of beautiful pieces to help you give thoughtful gifts, celebrate the milestones, and decorate those gorgeous nurseries.

I plan to make Rebecca Harris Design a separate business in future, where I'll be selling sewing tutorials and kits, watch this space!